Perfect Road Map

1. Twitter

March 2022

Launch the community Twitter page. This is step one in the long process of building out our Perfect People community.

2. Website

May 2022

Launch the Perfect People website. The website will be updated constantly and at launch will include never before seen art, our first preliminary road map, and additional information about the project!

3. Discord

June - July 2022

Create our Discord. Outside of Twitter, this will be the place where our community can connect, collaborate, and communicate with one another.

4. Marketing Push

January 2023

Begin a hardcore marketing push. Start giving out whitelist spots. Run promotionals. Partner with other projects and influencers.

5. Launch Project

January 2023

In the lead up of the launch, the community will have a strong voice in many core decisions such as the mint price, mint size, and whether certain attributes will be included in the art. At the purchase of the NFT, 100% of it will belong to you! You have the right to do with it as you wish.

6. Give Away

Q1 2023

Give back to the community. Host our first and largest giveaway. Solidify the legitimacy of Perfect People NFT on the Cardano blockchain.

7. Community Focus

Forever - Forever

Remain focused on maintaining a loyal and vibrant community. Run polls to plan community events, create memes, and host competitions.

8. Future Releases


The future will highly depend on the community. Potentially create a smaller "female" perfect people collection?

9. Metaverse

Beyond 2023

With the current state of the NFT space, we don't promise future utility, HOWEVER, we aspire to one day meet with the entire community in the Metaverse. Whenever a dominant metaverse emerges, we will do everything in our power to imbed Perfect People CNFTs into it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cardano of course.

3500 NFTs.

45 ADA.

Yes we do plan to have rarity.

There is a whitelist. Follow our Discord and Twitter updates for more details.

Whitelist members will be first in line to mint, then the remaining supply will be open for the public.

Any normal Cardano wallet will work. Just DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE.

Perfect Team


Founder of the Perfect People CNFT community. The person behind all of the art. Managing and organizing the project to function from the bottom up.


Discord genius. Lead moderator on the Perfect People Discord channel. Constantly adding features, games, and leading the charge to organize events on the server.


Community Manager. Experienced from multiple CNFT projects, knows the industry in and out.  Supports in the formulation of many ideas. Also an epic Discord mod.


Marketing expert. Leading the effort to promote and grow the community on Twitter as well as other platforms. Also an incredible Discord mod.

Famous Perfect People